One of our main goals as a club is to expose our athletes to the highest possible levels of competition in an effort to further develop our athletes skills, and to raise the level of play in the Monterey Peninsula. In order to accomplish this goal, Legacy Water Polo Club will be creating Travel Teams this summer to seek outside competition. Depending on interest, ability level, and commitment, some Travel Teams will attempt to qualify for the Junior Olympics. More information about the Junior Olympics can be found on the "Junior Olympics" tab. 


What are the Travel Team Age Groups ?

The Travel Team Age Groups we will be attempting to field teams in this Summer are as follows: 

10U COED, 12U Girls, 12U Boys, 14U Girls, 14U Boys, 16U Girls, 16U Boys, 18U Girls, 18U Boys


What are the benefits of participating on a Travel Team ? 

Travel Teams will provide numerous individual benefits for our athletes, in addition to helping the club grow on a macro level. A quick list of the individual benefits that come to mind are as follows:

1: A chance to bond with a team striving to achieve something meaningful.

2: An opportunity to improve and grow tremendously as a player.

3: An opportunity to receive focused individual instruction from your team's coach.

4: A chance to play in meaningful games against higher levels of competition.

5: And most importantly a chance to be a part of a great water polo culture - LOTS OF FUN !


What exactly is a Travel Team ?

Travel Teams are organized teams that participate in competition against other clubs. We hope to form travel teams in as many different age groups as possible this summer. Travel teams with sufficient ability, numbers, and commitment will attempt to qualify for the USAWP Junior Olympics. It is our hope that as many travel teams as possible will attempt to qualify for the Junior Olympics. All travel teams will participate in non JO related weekend tournaments around the Bay Area, and in scrimmages against local clubs. More information about these tournaments will be provided when we identify what age groups we are able to field travel teams in this summer. 

To clarify, there are two different types of travel teams. 

Junior Olympic Travel Team -- Teams with sufficient numbers, ability levels, and commitment will attempt to qualify for the Junior Olympics. These teams will also participate in local scrimmages and tournaments. The mission of these travel teams is to qualify for the Junior Olympics, and to place as high as possible at the Junior Olympic Finals. 


Developmental Travel Team -- Teams that do not possess sufficient numbers, ability levels, and commitment will be Developmental Travel Teams. The objective of these teams is to grow athletes skill levels by participating in local tournaments and scrimmages. 


What is the Commitment Level for a Travel Team ?

Joining a Travel Team requires player commitment, especially for those teams attempting to qualify for the Junior Olympics. All athletes participating on travel teams are expected to be at practice on a regular basis, and to attend all competitions. The best time to take a vacation is anywhere in the June 23rd - July 8th time frame, as we will not have competition. We will also be taking the week of July 4th off of practice. 


How do I Join a Travel Team ?

The process of joining a Junior Olympic Travel Team is as follows:

1: Fill out the following form to express interest by March 30th ----


2: After March 30th, we will decide which age groups we will attempt to field travel teams in, and which teams we will attempt to send to the Junior Olympics. 

3: For these age groups, we will hold a parent and player meeting (sometime in early-mid April) where we will discuss details such as cost, practice schedule, tournament schedule, coaches, team gear, roster selection process, etc. We will also hand out the official Junior Olympics declaration form at this meeting. 

4: This Declaration Form will be due by May 1st.

5: Should a team have more committed players than roster spots available, tryouts will be held. More information on this will be provided at the parent and player meeting should tryouts be necessary. 

6: Junior Olympic practices will start in Mid-late May and continue through the Junior Olympic Finals (Dates on JO Tab).