Youth Polo

Youth Lite is for boys and girls ages 8-12 years.  Through games and activities, players will learn the basics of water polo.  We will focus on developing individual skills and introduce game skills and rules. This program is designed to combine the fun, dynamic aspects of water polo in a safe, easy to learn environment that will motivate kids to swim and stay fit. Participants must be able to swim safely across the length of the pool and back.  Players may be invited to move ahead to a more advanced program at the coach's discretion.

Youth Rec is for boys and girls ages 11-14 years with some past experience and swimming proficiency.  The players will learn basic water polo skills in a fun and safe environment.  Scrimmages and tournaments are in addition to their regular scheduled practices.

Youth Comp is for boys and girls 11-14 years with past playing experience interested in training for and trying to make one of our Junior Olympic teams.  Practices will be longer, and more difficult than “Rec” practices while maintaining the fun focus that water polo provides at higher levels.  This group will require a greater level of commitment.

Players will focus on long term athlete development,  learn the basic water polo skills and further develop their game fundamentals while fine-tuning individual skills and working on game tactics.  Scrimmages and tournaments are in addition to their regular scheduled practices.  Teams for all tournaments are determined by the Coaches.  

This program accommodates players with past experience.   Players may be asked to move to a less advanced group at the coach’s discretion.